ASP Letter 3-11

As you know, this past week CMS released an absurd “model” that would cut Medicare Part B drug reimbursement to effectively ASP + 0.86%.  (In case you are wondering, the proposed reimbursement cut is ASP + 2.5% but the 80% of the bill paid for by Medicare will be subject to the 2% Medicare sequester cut — thus, the effective reimbursement is ASP + 0.86%.)

Attached is a new letter we are circulating now to get signatures by a wide variety of organizations.  The letter will be sent to Senate and House leadership, and relevant committee leadership, asking Congress to please stop CMS from implementing the Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model.  A large group, including COA, have worked very hard to get a letter that is almost identical to the letter that over 100 organizations signed (attached as reference) earlier this week and was delivered to HHS/CMS before the proposed rule was introduced.  This latest letter updates the letter based on the proposed rule and, as I previously stated, is directed at enlisting the help of Congress.

I ask you to reach out to any other specialties, whether national or state organizations.  Additionally, I ask you to reach out to any patient advocacy groups, cancer-related or other disease or issue-related impacted by this cut.  The “ask” of them is to please join with at least 100 other organizations in signing the letter.  This letter will close for signatures by Wednesday, so please HELP ASAP !!!

The goal is to get over 200 organizations to sign the letter.  You can use the first letter (also attached) to show the over 100 organizations signing that letter.

Please let Bo Gamble know of any organizations wanting to sign the letter.  But please provide their confirmation in writing so we don’t incorrectly add any names to the letter.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this is!

Thanks!  More to come but please reach out to everyone you know.