2018 Scholarship Program

The purpose of this scholarship program is to assist employees of NCOMS practices in becoming caregivers, professionals and leaders in cancer related fields or occupations.

The NCOMS Scholarship Committee consists of:

  1. Education/Scholarship Committee Chair
  2. Vice President/President Elect
  3. Treasurer
  4. Patient Advocacy Committee Chairperson

NCOMS Scholarship distributions will be limited to a maximum of $12,000 annually (ranging from $50 – $1000).

In April of each year, the NCOMS Scholarship Committee will open the application process.  The application form must be completed and sent to the NCOMS Education and Scholarship Committee Chair before August 15 of each year.

All employees of an Oncology practice that have at least one active NCOMS member are eligible. “Active” is defined as being current on membership dues and member must have attended one conference or workshop the previous year

The scholarship is available to all high school graduates or greater that are pursuing a Certification or Specialty credentials, an Associate, Bachelor or Master’s degree in a field that could benefit or promote quality cancer care.

Applicants are not limited to the number of years they can apply for financial assistance but first time applicants will receive a higher priority than repeat applicants.

All applicants will be notified prior to October 1 whether they will be awarded. Applicants who have been awarded a scholarship will receive a check once the following criteria have been met.  These requirements are due no later than January 15th the following year.

  • Provide proof of completed course with a grade “B” or higher.
  • Provide a copy of paid receipts equal to or greater than the awarded scholarship amount.
  • Provide the mailing address and contact to mail scholarship funds if the scholarship grant is to go directly to the institute of higher learning.
  • Financial Aid Letter of award for the semester. (if applicable)
  • Letter from Administrator showing status of current employment.

Additional questions regarding the award process should be directed to the NCOMS Education and Scholarship Committee Chair:


Brent Lammers

Administrator, Lake Norman Oncology

170 Medical Park Road Suite 101

Mooresville, NC 28117